Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Review

Self Propelled Lawn Mowers are walk-behind, operator controlled mowers comes with gasoline-powered engine. Self propelled mower propels itself forwards without your push support from the behind. Self propped lawn mowers are best for mowing small and mid-sized lawn. 

Firstly you have to know the differences between a self propelled and a push lawn mower. Both mowers are walk behind lawn mowers. However push mowers require pushing effort from behind. On the other hand self propelled mowers drive themselves through a motor.  Self propelled mowers are higher priced than push mowers and you’ll get a lot of brands have their self propelled models. It is really tough to get the best mower in your budget. So how can you find yours?

Here is a short list for you.

You can check out self propelled products from Troy Bilt. This company is experienced by 60 in manufacturing of garden and lawn care equipment. Some of their most popular self propelled models you can check are TB210, TB230, and TB250. All of them come with powerful and durable engines. They are powered by 21" wide cutting deck. Troy Bilt has used their latest technology named TriAction. TriAction is bringing a new era with its superior mulching technology. Two years limited warranty is also offered with all these models.

Swedish maker Husqvarna is another best selling self propelled mower maker. Some of their models are highly recommended and widely used. One of their bestselling self propelled model is XT722FE-CA. This powerful machine is enhanced by sharpen 19” blade. Here some model suggestion from this maker, Husqvarna 6021P, Husqvarna XT722FE-CA, Husqvarna HU800BBC

 You also consider self propelled mower from renowned mower makers like lawn boy, Black and Decker, Yard Machine, Greenworks and Worx.

Recommended Self Propelled Lawn Mower from various maker:

Lawn Boy 10604, Black & Decker SPCM1936, Lawn Boy 10605, Lawn Boy 10606, Greenworks 25092, Snapper Self-Propelled RWD Mower SPV22725, Yard Machines 12A-A04A000, WORX WG782, Yard-Man 12AVD39Q701, Poulan Pro PR675Y22RP and WORX WG789

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Lawn Boy 10606

only $359.99

Lawn Boy 10604

$299.99 $279.00

Read our review of self propelled lawn mowers and compare them all before buying your Self Propelled Mower.

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